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Medical Practice
PARTNER POST: Must-know rules to buy a practice in Australia

8 min read

Are you looking to buy a business? Australia is somewhat infamous for having a long list of rules and regulations regarding business investing. …

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Invedent article 2
PARTNER POST: What you need to know about buying a dental practice

7 min read

Buying a dental practice is an exciting moment, but it can also be extremely challenging. Every element of your business is down to you, not to mention the niggling doubt that you might do something wrong. …

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PARTNER POST: Through thoughtful design comes better care

5 min read

The relevance of a well-designed workspace never carried so much weight, as it became necessary to have areas within the clinic that could adapt to these new conditions. …

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PARTNER POST: What does a life insurance broker do?

9 min read

A life insurance insurance broker is a specialist in life insurance and the management of financial risks arising from death, illness or injury.…

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Link Business Article 1
PARTNER POST: Questions you need to ask before you buy a practice

7 min read

Not only will a business cost a lot of money to buy, but it is also likely to cost you in time and stress as you work to make it successful under your management. As such, it’s important to ask the right questions before deciding to buy. …

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cutera blog 2
PARTNER POST: The shape of things to come

7 min read

Non-invasive body contouring is more than a popular trend – it’s now considered mainstream, thanks to social media influencers and a greater acceptance of body procedures. …

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PARTNER POST: Points to consider when buying a dental practice

7 min read

It is important to understand the difference between starting a dental practice and buying an existing dental practice. While starting up from scratch may come with a lower price tag, buying an existing practice will usually end up costing less in the long run. …

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Perfect Practice Article 2
PARTNER POST: Location matters

9 min read

Location matters for any business, but for a medical practice, finding the right location is critical to the success of the business and it is one of the most important decisions a healthcare professional can make. …

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cutera blog 1
PARTNER POST: A new muscle stimulation game-changer

10 min read

New muscle-building innovation can now replicate intensified crunches, squats and twisting actions through unique multi-directional stimulation (MDS) technology.…

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PARTNER POST: Expanding in-house technologies

9 min read

Dr Ceri Owen-Roberts is the Principal of Elgin Park Dental Practice in Bristol, England. He has a particular interest in restorative dentistry and dental implants. In the following article, Dr Roberts explains how he came to equip his clinic with a Planmeca CBCT unit. …

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